SeasonalAwning SEASONAL AWNING SERVICE: At commercial and residential sites we offer installation service in the spring, take-down service in the fall, winter storage, and most on-site repairs, including patching, re-roping, and installing new hardware. We also offer recovers for your existing awnings, as well as brand new ones.
 NewReplaceAwning NEW & REPLACEMENT AWNINGS: If your awnings are looking a little tired, or even if you would like a change of color or design, choose from our wide selection of awning fabrics for your original frames. If you would like a brand new awning for a window, doorway, or deck, let us provide you with a wide choice of products and all the awning services you need.
 CanvasRepair CANVAS REPAIRS: If your zipper won’t zip, you’ve got a gaping seam or you can’t see out of your vinyl windows anymore, bring that canvas to Horizon Awning. We’ll soon have that piece shipshape.


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